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the atlanta falcons? the defense is superior. the atlanta falcons offense. atlanta struggled and they probably should have lost that game in seattle, but they didn't. they won. that's the bottom line. they won the game. this week against a superior defense, the 49ers will be able to shut that defense down. >> the harbaugh bowl is what i'm going with. >> i agree to disagree. because the fans will be loud and proud on sunday. they don't lose at the dome. they have the best player on the field and that guy might be tony gonzalez. he is going to the hall of fame as a tight end. he will be a mismatch for that 49er defense and matte will get it done. he got one in the w column last week, he will make it two. >> ravens and 49ers. the two road teams. >> i have the answer key. >> another edition of off the wall and we will see who is right and who is wrong. see you next week. >>> i'm going for the harbaugh bowl myself. just a reminder, the nfc championship game tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. have a good night.
on the atlanta falcons on sunday for the nfc championship game. >> the pilot who was in charge of the oil tanker that sideswipe the bay bridge last week could get his license taken away. that is if the state agency fine cement fought for the accident. the 751 ft. vessel called the overseas reymar hit the western span of the bridge on january the seventh, this cost more than $200 million in damage. the san francisco bar pilots association says that he changed courses at the last minute in heavy fog. investigators are looking into the change as well as other factors, including the malfunctioning radar beacon equipment at the bridge, as possible contributors to the crash. >> some of san francisco's top city and law enforcement officials are meeting to discuss the tactics the city uses to address the costly vandalism at a three day conference. graffiti cost san francisco more than $20 million each year. back in the '90s san francisco created an anti graffiti task force and assets to develop a database to catalog the graffiti and to determine who is responsible for the tagging. >> law enforcement sou
on any elevated surfaces throughout the afternoon. that includes atlanta. so deicing will also cause significant delays. everywhere in white has a chance for some snow. advisory level snow usually means about 1 to 3 inches. on the radar, it's a very wide system, but not strong. not going to be heavy amounts of snow. but the snow will start soon in chicago, snowing in many areas from milwaukee to green bay. and then all of this heads east during the day today. again, not blockbuster snow amounts. at most we're talking in the appalachians possibly 3 to 5 inch, but most areas from philadelphia southwards town through virginia back through ohio, you'll be dealing with the possibility of again 1 to 2 fluffy inches of snow. the weekend forecast looks a lot quieter and also begins to do that warm up. i'll give you that forecast a little later. >>> up next, medical science realizes star trek tractor beams. plus layoffs ahead for the airlines. why are the brits blowing up these trains? well, the answer may surprise you. and what to watch for on wall street this final friday in the month of ja
. >> chuck, thanks. >>> coming up in sports a thriller in atlanta with a trin to the super bowl on the line. jason is up next with highlights from the nfc championshi >>> jason is here. falcons, 49ers. >> this is it. this game leads to you where you really want to be, the super bowl. the atlanta falcons have been the best team in the nfc all season, but their receiver roddy white said every week they're picked to lose. it's no surprise why the birds were home underdogs against the 49ers. you can understand why though the niners quarterback colin kaepernick had a historic game last week. today it was a total team effort for the niners. falcons claiming their first nfc championship game since 2004. the niners with back-to-back trips. second quarter matt ryan, he's going to fire one to the end zone for julio jones, and jones brings it in for the 20-yard score. great job keeping both feet in on the play. falcons lead it 17-0. niners would come back though. fourth quarter down by three. colin kaepernick is going to hand it off to his running back, frank gore, and gore would find an open lane. he
of north carolina. then we'll deal with icy problems. freezing rain. atlanta north, especially north georgia, mountains are going to get it good. and watch out there, north of memphis, nashville, too, depending on how warm your temperatures get now it's just beginning and you can see how widespread it is. the white is the snow. again, a lot of light snow. heading for chicago during the morning rush hour. could pick up an inch or two of fluffy snow. there's that ice and the pink shading is where we're getting freezing rain over kentucky. again, very light now but more intense throughout the day. how much snow? this is not a blockbuster event. in most cases, no shoveling or plowing will be needed. for the most part, one or two inches, the higher totals, some of the areas of west virginia, we may get enhancement from richmond to norfolk, to virginia beach. looks like mostly a miss for all of new england, from d.c., to the south, one or two inches later today. again, that's later today. for the daylight hours, chicago all way through the ohio valley. the forecast again, travel concerns,
with the high right to the northeast of us. if you have travel plans today, the east coast, including atlanta over towards d.c., maybe even new york, a few delays possible with some rain. even some heavier rain at times as well. >> i love how this guy did this. this went on throughout the entire morning show as they scrambled to get computers back up and running. he even made graphics of the changing forecast of his mood. >> this is how i felt this morning. this is how i felt when i realized i could draw everything, and when i realized we're finally getting the computers back, this is how i feel right now. >> i like the hair color. >> well, i had to utilize the blue highlighter. >> finally, after an hour and a half, the computer was finally fixed. but the question is would it work? >> see if it works. ready? go back to weather one. >> there it is! >> we got it. >> excellent. >> thank you to everybody involved this morning. >> i like yours better. >> i got to say, i kind of like the hand drawn ones better myself. it kind of makes me want to set up a pictionary game between that guy and chad my
the benediction of thes second inauguration withdrew from the is money. the reverend from atlanta was handpicked by the president since coming under fire and about remarks about homosexuality in the '90s. the pastor advocated the so- called gay to straight conversion therapy as a cure to homosexuality. the liver -- reverend sent a letter to the president respectfully declines the invitation. >>> a large demonstration is scheduled january 25th and this year's march is expected to draw strong clouds. the pro-life-supporters, religious leader and congress will rally to legalize abortion. >> reporter: just ahead, the man behind "argo," the true story of tony mendez. >>> and baby bullwinkle is having a bad day. a tertied -- terrified skier ran to -- for his life after a moose chased him at a ski resort in vavermont. and having fun. the moose went on his way. the skier is frightened and okay. . >> argo. >> ben affleck stars in the film. the movie shows how the c ia freed six from iran during 1980 and les miserables, silver line ising -- linings playbook, life of pie, jingleo unchanged, beast of the s
was taken at florida atlanta university saying shame on you too, fau to have someone like this on your payroll. i can assure you the events unfolded exactly how reported. the violent death of 26 people and 20 children. >>> tonight at 10:00 eastern, we are looking at the new gun control measures expected to be put forward by the white house, we will talk about members of congress, a former law enforcement officer and a survivor of columbine. a mother, home being burglarized and she shoots the intruder, he survives. now the gun rights supporters a are using the case to show why americans should have high weapons. >>> a lot of people across the united states are sick this evening and i mean a lot of people. the cdc said bottom line, it's flu season, but this epidemic is hitting us hard and hitting us wide, nearly the entire nations reporting wide-spread flu activity and while it's small comfort to people like me who are dealing with the flu symptoms, the number of cases seem to be dropping. i spoke with a doctor who specializes in diseases, here is our conversation. >> the flu vaccine, al
la squid. >>> i'm drew griffin at the cnn world headquarters here in atlanta. >>> flu shot scramble. there is a run on vaccine on spots with an outbreak gripping the nation. >>> one day later. a painful decision awaits the community of newtown, connecticut. >>> a golden upset. did you watch? the surprise winner of best picture, "argo." >> argo, wean yourself. >> i haven't seen it yet. >> it's good. >> welcome to early start. i'm zorida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. >>> the cdc says the only state spared widespread flu is california, hawaii and mississippi. in new york, getting a flu shot is tougher and tougher. there is a run on the vaccine at some pharmacies and urging care centers since governor andrew cuomo declared a public health emergency. elizabeth cohen joins us now. what do health officials mean when they use the word epidemic? >> it gets very technical. i'll boil it down here. basically, people are getting sick and dying from the flu in certain numbers. when those numbers get high enough, we call it an epidemic. i personally don't really care that much about that word.
for and others want to avoid. atlanta was actually one of the best and one of the worst clubs. chicago's o'hare airport top the list for worst airports. followed by kennedy, atlanta, laguardia, and it worked liberty international airport. by liberty international airport. atlanta,work charlotte, dallas-fort worth, houston bush intercontinental, detroit metropolitan airport. t
through. >>> a quick update from the nfl. the atlanta falcons blew a 20-point lead against the seattle seahawks today, but did pull out a victory anyway. atlanta's matt briant kikted a last-second field goal to give the falcons a win. atlanta advancing to the conference championship game next weekend against san francisco. the winner goes to the super bowl to take on the afc champion. >>> it is 30 days since the massacre at that elementary school in connecticut. two days until the vice president and his task force make public their ideas to put breaks on gun violence. listen to some of the voices today from both lawmakers and gun rights lobbyists. >> i'm urging our country's major gun retailers like walmart and sports authority to suspend sales of modern assault-style weapons until congress is able to fully consider and vote on legislation to curb gun violence. >> when a president takes all of the power of his office if he's willing to expend political capital, you don't want to make predictions. you don't want to bet your house on the outcome, but i would say that the likelihood is th
that people will still be talking about for years and decades to come. here at the table, the mayor of atlanta, georgia, kasim reed, karen, former dnc communications director and now msnbc political analyst and john rally. so nice to have you all here. >> good morning. >> i'm going to start with you, karen. this is the deal. on the one hand, we reelected president obama as a country that's a step toward continuing his policies. >> yep. >> but the question of legacy is a question of the strength of the party. what is president obama likely to leave behind? >> you mentioned the key things. howard dean had the right description, build from the ground up. make sure grass roots is strong, fill the bench of talent, mayors, governors, state legislative races. that's where a lot of legislation gets passed that impacts, hello, say vaginal probe. >> they can say that in virginia, we know that. >> making sure that pipeline of talent, also, in terms of the technology and the data bases and the expertise, leaving the dnc, the actual infrastructure in place and available to candidates and available to the p
for you, too. 57 degrees was the high here, atlanta 68 degrees, tampa 84 degrees today and new orleans 70. check out temperatures right now. it's 46 in the district and that's significant because that 10:00 temperature is 3 degrees warmer than our average high for the day would be. we don't even see many places in the 30s, frederick down to 37, one of the colder spots it. doesn't look like it's going to be that -- spots. it doesn't look like it's going to be that cold tonight. we'll have some clouds coming into the picture to help keep temperatures near 40. heading into the weekend is when the warm stuff comes. you can see both the air masses. one of reasons we'll warm up so much is because we've got a really big push of cold air that will seesaw down through the west and that will make the other half of the seesaw go up on the east coast. mild conditions, warm temperatures and what are we talking about? how about 15 to 30 degrees above normal. that's for the weekend. in the short term for tomorrow when you head out, make sure you grab one of these and put it in the car. looks like we'll
for disease control and prevention here in atlanta. according to the latest cdc data, 5.6% of outpatient visits were for influenza-like illness. that's well above the national baseline of 2.2%. the spike in activity is happening weeks before the peaks of previous flu seasons over the past decade with the unusual exception of the early h1n1 pandemic in 2009. the predominant strain doctors are seeing this year is influenza a, h3n2. here's what cdc director thomas freeden said in an earlier interview. >> what we know about this year is that it seems to be starting sooner than most flu seasons and the strain of flu that is spreading tends to be associated with earlier and more severe flu years. >> reporter: he says the vaccine this year appears to be a good match for the virus. 41 states are reporting widespread flu activity. that's up from 31 states reporting in the previous week. in atlanta, jonathan serry, fox news. >>> 2012 was the nation's worst year for whopping cough. about 42,000 cases were reported last year. that's the most since 1955. one possible reason experts say a newer versio
are following reports about a shooting at a school in atlanta. keith russell has the latest from the news4 live desk. keith? >> pat, the reports first started coming in around 2:30 this afternoon. let's show you video just in. firefighters have confirmed a 14-year-old was shot in the head at a middle school in atlanta's south side. the school says the student was alert and breathing when taken to the hospital. a teacher was also hurt, but from what we know, she was not shot. the school said it's possible the teacher was trampled in the confusion after the shooting. we're told the shooting happened outside the school building. there's a heavy police presence right now. the suspected gunman is a student. police say the other students at the school are safe and they were dismissed on too many just a few minutes ago. we'll keep you posted on this store. at the live desk, keith rustle, news4. >>> hours in the hot seat as senators grilled chuck hagel in his bid to become the next defense secretary. the former senator from nebraska was questioned on several positions, including controversial topics. d
rise. back to you. >> we have breaking news that we are following from atlanta. tragedy where four children, including an infant, are dead after a duplex caught fire. the children ranged in age from 8 months to 7 years. a 6-year-old child survived without serious injuries after his mother threw him from a window to safety. the mother is said to be severely burned and is in an atlanta hospital. the grandmother made it out of the home without injury. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> what a sad story that is. changes now coming to how california measures success at our elementary and high school. the state superintendent of public instruction wants to change the star test for multiple choice to one requiring students to think critically and show greater depth of knowledge. it is believed the new test will provide real world skills they need for college or a career. the state legislation must approve the designed issue guidelines before the test can be rewritten. the new exams could debut in 2014 and 2015 school year. >> feeding squirrels and birds in the open in san fr
and serving up sass on bravo's hit reality show "the real housewives of atlanta." >> but nene leakes has been pulling double duty lately. she's got that role on "the new normal" where she plays rocky, a fierce assistant who's not too different from the real nene, as we've noticed. hey. how are you? >> good morning. how are you? >> you're a busy bee, i have to say. >> i am. >> you got your fame from "the real housewives of atlanta." and you quickly took it and ran with it. and not everyone can do that, can they? >> not everyone can do that. that's very true. i've been very lucky. i've been very blessed. i think when you get an opportunity or platform such as the "real housewives of atlanta" you have to use it to your advantage. and i was able to do that, and now i'm on a primetime television show. >> yes, you are. >> are you loving that? >> i do. i love ryan murphy. he's fantastic. he is the creator of "glee," "american horror story." and now "the new normal." i love it. quite different than reality. it's a whole hour. lots of hours. >> you earn the money. >> yes, you do. >> in "the new normal
to take on the atlanta falcons on sunday for the nfc championship game. >> to get you more news faster, let us turn to kron 4 solo reporter mike pelton. he is live at the niners headquarters in santa clara. mike? >> you can see the old post. goal psot . the team will go through a practice at 1130 this morning. then they will board a jet to atlanta to face up the falcons. that game is sunday. if they win the game they advanced to the superbowl. the niners lost at this point last season. the players and coach are hoping it turned out differently this time around. they are ready to go. >> last year we did not beat the saints. this one we took care of business. let us go to atlanta and take care of business and try to get to the big one and wind that one. >> i will pack a toothbrush and a great attitude and get ready to play a football game. >> the atlanta falcons are the top seed, but the 49ers are the favorite. >> when the sun comes up i will show you the progress because you can see better. >> it looks as if they have added more seats in the upper deck. still a long way to go before the
. there are reports of twisters there could be more to come they tell us. georgia, north and west of atlanta. that tornado overturned cars and tractor trailers. flattened houses and trees. no warning sirens or nothing. as we were running in, he jumps in and my son dives on me. and i get pulled out the side of the house. and i was hanging out and his legs from trapped. and he had ahold of me. if it wasn't for that i wouldn't be here but my son held on to me. >> shepard: if you know that area where the twister meets u.s. high 40. a large factory there demolished. rick reichmuth with more on the weather and where it is going. jonathan serrie live in aday or soville, -- adairsville. >> 60 miles to the northwest of atlanta. a major problem that they are dealing with is restoring electricity. it is still out, including in this area where i am. the only lights are those brought by all of the various tv crews and because of all the debris, it's taken a while for authorities to clear the roads so utility trucks can get into these areas. for several hours today, i-75, a major thoroughfare between atla
away. the n.f.e. is already getting it started. the opponent, atlanta traded five players today absoluting mike and they got chris johnson. i went to school with him. justin will now join his brother b.j. on the same roster. britney psyches and the rest was thrown up before the buzzer beart. syracuse wins 60-57. that is cool. nba's new orleans hornets changed their mascot to a pelican. it will go into effect next season. suddenly the wizards sound a lot better. i guess it is symbolic to new orleans. >> three weeks to spring training? sounds good. >> so kissing the by accept. i need to know that. doug has the final look at the forecast when we come back. >> warm us up, will you? >> absolutely. no action tonight but early tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be in the 20's. as far as the best chances .5 to 1 inch is likely. we'll have an update tomorrow morning on "good morning washington." >> so get past this weekend. >> yeah, 50's this weekends. >> "world news" is next. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where'
, sleet and black ice posing a threat from the mid south to the northeast. jennifer joins us from atlanta. >> you have the rain there, but we're still talking about freezing rain affecting the tennessee valley as well as the lower mississippi valley. the radar is lighting up with rain. you can see the wintry mix. as we zoom in for you, for areas like eastern tennessee as well as into kentucky, you'll be dealing with that wintry mix. we are seeing thing things clearing out to the west and down towards the south, including parts of alabama as well as into georgia, including atlanta. heavy rainfall some of these locations we're talking another one to two inches of rainfall. up to the north, snow is going to be the big story. we're already getting that report for areas like new york as well as into central parts of connecticut as well as into pennsylvania. as we help you time this out for you, for the ice storm warning, it will really come to an end about 6:00 a.m. central time for areas including parts of the lower mississippi valley. and for regions like pittsburgh as well as into parts of
temperatures today. we were 57, average 43, so bonus territory. wilmington 68, atlanta 68 degrees. a lot of warm air especially south and east, chicago 45 degrees, but there's a big storm system developing in the west. that storm will have the effect of pulling a lot of cold air down through the west which will in turn help pump more warm air into the east coast over the weekend. here's what's going to go on tomorrow. we've got this storm system we've watched in the deep south. that is finally pulling north and as it does so, it's going to drag some showers through our area. i think that will mostly be in the afternoon. let's say after 2:00. we'll have the front come through. so we'll be a little cooler for part of our friday. the mild air tries to ride in on saturday. it might take a while. i know it will make it in here for sunday as we expect temperatures to soar to 70 degrees. i'm forecasting 67 degrees for sun. tonight we've got the clouds coming in -- for sunday. tonight we've got the clouds coming in and it will stay warmer. the moisture is coming from the deep south. let's hope t
. no shiny crystal here. in atlanta, people brought in the new year with the 24th annual peach drop at midnight. the peach weighs 800 pounds, thousands of people cheered as the fireworks lit up the night sky in atlanta. it's the southeast's largest new year's eve party. then in our region, 7,000 people celebrated the new year at big night d.c. at national harbor. the fourth year for the party at gaylord national resort. plenty of music, dancing and good food, party at 3:00 in the morning. >> looking classy for the new year. >> starting off the new year on a good foot. man, that wakeup call was real early this morning. >> all right. plenty of coffee. >> coming up on four minutes before the top of the hour. it may ease your fears the next time you travel. >>> coming up at 5:15, why 2012 proves to be the safest year ever for airline passengers. >> that gift you brought for a friend or family member may end up back at the store. >> why you had better hurry to catch ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature vall
into the rockies today. great falls. the snow is flying in the mountains and we've got the 70s in atlanta. 60s all the way up into lexington, kentucky. we're going to get almost to 50 thanks to the rain moving in and a little front that pushed through yesterday. well watch this though by saturday, it starts moving to the northern plains but the warmth is lifting up to us. so tomorrow we get into the 60s. probably just low to mid-60s. and then on sunday, that's our warm day as the 60s to around 70 surge toward us. west southwestern pennsylvania. well look at the cold air in chicago at 29 this cold air mass is going to head our way by the second half of next week. big snows flying in the rockies for montana all the way down even to arizona. seeing some snow there with the rains from the storm that hit texas a couple of days ago. that is now lifting into the midwest. still showers and storms in western florida and louisiana and this moisture at least a little bit of it is going to try to get here this afternoon. the travel forecast today. we've got the mooing in during the afternoon -- rain moving in
bernard of our cbs afell yacht wfor is following the cold track. in atlanta we may start with freezing rain but by this afternoon we're looking at a high of 48. that's all going to change over to liquid. if we travel north of there through the carolinas into the atlantic, d.c., as far north as philadelphia, light to moderate snows expected today. mainly one to two inches in most spots. it's not going to be a major storm and it's going to move out. highs in the mid-20s from new york to boston. cleveland after some morning snows will see an afternoon high temperature of 20 degrees. across the midwest it stays cold. and chicago at 29. 16 in minneapolis. dry across the plains. and out west it's still raining. in fact, another rainy day in los angeles, amgd that rain-x tends all the way along the coast to portland and seattle. again, light snows in the easement again, that's proeft not going to be major storm and will end by this evening. i'm david bernard for the cbs news in miami. >>> the senate is expected to vote on a 50.50 billion dollar aid bill. the storm cost billions of dollars in
beat the suns 98-94 for their first win in phoenix in 26 years. >>> the nfl playoffs on sunday, atlanta hosts san francisco in the nfc championship game. the ravens are in new england for the afc title game. the winners will meet for the super bowl in new orleans on february 3rd. >>> listen to this. organized crime infringing on the world's most popular sport. there are new reports out that some 50 national soccer leagues are being targeted by criminal gangs trying to fix matches. fifa says in 2012 it was involved in dozens of match fixing investigations, which reportedly accounts for billions in illegal betting. >>> now turning to weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> you have any favorites in these football games? >> italy always. >> big italy fan? >> i'm italian. >> i learn something new every day. >> schiavocampo. >> my irish roots, not the best. >> you can root for italy. >> i'll go for spain, jump on the bandwagon. let me take you through your weekend forecast. looking at nice conditions across the northeast. it will be a little brisk, but at least it's not going to be
. in the spring of 1863 there's a waive of food rite that start in atlanta and for a month, i think it's more than a dozen food riot sweep the confederacy all by women numbering from dozen richmond it's. 00 followed by a crowd of 1,000 other people, and this is, i mean, everybody -- the press initially thinks it's a conspiracy. they have conspiracy theories that union is fermenting this. it's not. it's women. richmond the mayor indicted the women. and the court records there to show one woman organized this and called the women being planned for at least a ten day -- she called women to public meeting at a baptist church. she told them to come to the market the next morning to leave their children at home and come armed. they did. they showed up the next morning and ripped up the war of and the warehouses in richmond. and for a month, the confederacy was convulsed. davis tried to stopped telegraph line. the union -- and the war just gloating over this. this must be the end. the women are up in arms and giving them grief. so they step to the making of history, i think that moment in a decisive way.
is targeting the midwest. katy tur, nbc news, atlanta. >>> let's find out a little about the new storm. we turn to the weather channel's julie martin to find out what's ahead. julie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the deep freeze is almost over but before that warm up we're looking at ice in many big cities from the midwest to the northeast. taking a look here at sunday still feeling the chill from coast to coast with the coldest air in the midwest and the northeast. the highs in chicago and new york just 19 degrees. but by sunday afternoon, that's when the wintry mix will be moving in to northern iowa, to ohio, posing a real threat for travel in those highly populated areas like chicago, detroit, and cleveland. all of that pushing east and by the monday morning commute a real mess in the mid-atlantic, d.c., baltimore, philly all needing to watch out for ice. new york, it'll be a mix of snow and rain for you. snow in boston as well. then by tuesday, the warm air invades all of the cold places but with that will come a chance for severe weather in the south. but no time to get
-pointers against atlanta. in the closing seconds anthony made a three-point play to give the knicks 106-104 victory over the hawks. >>> paul pierce led the celtics to a win over the miami heat. rajon rondo will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. >>> tiger woods will have a six shot lead when the farmers open resumes today. over the years woods has led the course. >>> baltimore ravens linebacker brendan ayanbadeo says he will be talking about same-sex marriage. he'll go on the ellen show to talk about marriage ee quality. >>> for another look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins to talk about the weather. >> we have the snow and freezing rain this morning, but then as we go through tuesday into wednesday, talking severe weather outbreak. it's going to feel like spring. areas that were so frigid and cold are going to go to 60 to 70 degrees. then another blast of cold air behind it. that's where we're going to see a severe weather outbreak. we're concerned in the dallas area, shreveport, up to little rock, central louisiana into memphis and northern mississippi. those area
country. atlanta, 67. partly sunny in st. louis, 66. showers in denver, 32. occasional showers in seattle, 36 degrees. >>> a 19-year-old an jukz history has been solved. richard lan ders was 5 years old when his grandparents fled from their indiana home during a custody issue in 1994. they recently traced lan ders to his home in minnesota through his social security number. he's married and expecting his first child. authorities declined to say whether the grandparents will be charged. >>> federal health officials want the manufacturers of sleeping medications to cut the dosage of the drugs. the request follows hundreds of reports with driver-related problems with the chemicals and sleeping pills. >> reporter: people who tame ambien or sleeping pills will soon be ingesting lower doses. the food and drug administration is ordering the companies to cut the dose for women. it's based on new research that shows a higher dose can cause morning drowsiness which can case accidents. >> at 7:00 or so in the morning there are still portions that are left over. >> reporter: kennedy hit a trailer las
as is pittsburgh. lots of warm air continuing to kind of build across the country. atlanta, 63 degrees. this is not bad for january and, by the way, even a 50 degrees reading today is above normal by 7 degrees here. we have a big storm system that is developing down here across texas and louisiana. look at all the heavy rain with that and some cloud cover getting pulled north with that. eventually, we get some of the showers with that system. and what we had came through in advance of a weak frontal boundary and that is not a lot of rain and we're dry and need it and watch the cloud cover and that is starting to go away and some skies are clearing out and that is ven uss and looks like a star and that is a beautiful thing to see this time of the year. the skies are clear and you can see it. 38 degrees overnight. the low 30s in the suburbs and that is not cold for this time of the year. tomorrow, the sun is back and with that temperature to 51 degrees and by noon, 48 degrees and 49 with a lot of sunshine and thought we could give you a quick look tomorrow and into some upper 40s and low
of a climate like atlanta, oklahoma city, or san jose, to put it in perspective. hard to think about that for today. looking at futurecast, you can see pretty much everyone clear in the afternoon. martin a little area of cloudiness of moving into night. our temperatures will be dropping. tomorrow morning will be cold. here's your forecast for today mostly sunny skies, high between and 36 and 42. tonight, partly cloudy skies. low temperature of 22 to 26. bundle up tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be the coldest day of the week. highs in the upper 30's. partly cloudy skies throughout the day. then we will start warming up a little towards the weekend and early next week's we will finally tipped the scales a little. our average high this time of year is 43 degrees. >> look at tuesday. possibly 50. >> looking forward to that. >> a week away. we will get there. >> thank you. coming up on abc 7 news, news for anyone with a sweep through. >> candy and soda and can trigger changes in you captioned by the national captioning institute >> 7 is on your side with this noon with
tied a franchise record with nine three pointers against atlanta. in the closing seconds, he made a three-point play to give the knicks a 106-104 victory over the hawks. >>> in doubletime, paul pierce led the celtics to a win over the heat. rajjon rondell will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. >>> tiger woods will have a six-shot lead when play -- when he plays in the pga farmer insurance open today. over the years, woods is a seven-time winner at the torrey pines court in southern california. >>> all right. ahead, actor burt reynolds spent the weekend in intensive care at a florida hospital. we'll have details. >>> plus, when actors honor other action horse at the screen actors guild awards awards. >>> and did ashton kutcher's job make him sick to his stomach? >>> welcome back to "early today." the big weather story is the severe weather outbreak tuesday and wednesday. notice this area of yellow under a slight risk. possible to moderate risk tomorrow. again, chance of tornadoes in the area and strong damaging winds going over the mississippi river. throughout the ni
at the weather in some cities around the country. partly sunny in washington, 41 degrees. atlanta, mostly sunny, 50. occasional sun in st. louis, 32. mostly sunny in denver, 37. and cloudy with afternoon rain in seattle, 46 degrees. >>> many of the relatives of the 12 people killed in the aurora colorado movie theater shooting are rejecting a invitation to attend the planned reopening. they're due to reopen in two weeks but families criticize cinemark, the owner, zee scribing the offer as, quote, disgusting. >> cinemark has never offered their condolences to us families, to any of the victims, and they have -- we feel like they've sort of -- they want to use us as a stepping stone to try and boost ticket sales for their grand reopening for the public. >> a hearing is scheduled for next week to determine whether there's enough evidence to put accused gun man james holmes on trial. >>> a massive operation is under kwa off a remote i alaskan isla island. a drilling well ran aground this week. ben tracy reports. >> reporter: the coast guard has conducted several fly joefrs of the grounded oil rig a
in here tomorrow. high temperatures today, 58 degrees st. louis and dallas that is not bad atlanta, 65 degrees. wilmington north carolina, 75 degrees. dc 50, boston 45 degrees. nice temperatures close to 50 degrees again tomorrow but we might be able to add 10 to 15 degrees on to that 50-degree reading by the time we get to the weekend. we are looking at a warm up, tonight is not bad so many nights we have been looking at temperatures down in the low 20s at 11:00 p.m., frederick a cold spot, 43 degrees not a cold spot, dc 47, culpepper 36, we will likely drop into the 30s most areas tonight but it will not be bitterly cold. around the region, new york city 46, richmond 54 and raleigh at 49 degrees. so overnight, bottom line not a cold night. we will drop into the 30s some places may stay into the 40s. definitely warmer than other nights, clearing skies low 30s in the suburbs. a little bit of ableist morrow, out of the -- a little bit of abreast morr. not terrible. it is not particularly warm, 51 degrees is well above the average of 43, for this time of year. pretty nice for january. su
been good. >> atlanta hawks on saturday night. well, a good voting contest is going on. 17,000 voters thus far. and churchill at walter johnson. and marshall langley boys are right behind them. margo at quinn park. good vote. >> yes, that's it for us. cbs evening news is next. good night.
a conocer las 13 ciudades a celebrarse del 7 a 28 de julio. 6 ciudades acojeran el evento, atlan atlanta, baltime, salt lake. visite univisiÓ regreso con mÁs de "primer impacto." >>> gracias. y tras la muerte de varios implicados, se hablÓ de la maldiciÓn de bolÍvar. >>> y asegura que podrÍa cobrar aquÍ le contamos. ya volvemos. ha respondido a un incomodo interrogatorio relacionado con el ataque contra el consulado norteamericano en bengasi, libia.===.segun un tribunal, es inconstitucional una ley de indiana que impide a depredadores registrarse en la red social facebook, ===.un distrito escolar del sur de california adquiere armas semi- automaticas de asalto.==mas en noticiero univision. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> bueno, en el aÑo 2010, chÁvez, el presidente de venezuela, decidiÓ exhumar el cadÁver de bolÍvar, y despuÉs se comenzÓ hablar de la maldicion de bolÍvar, que parece que ahora esfa a punto de cobrar su Última vÍctima. >>> sus restos descansaron aquÍ, y hasta que enmascarados vestidos de blanco abrieron su tumba y para saber por orden de chÁvez de que habÍa mu
east of atlanta and we came for the inauguration of obama. yay! >> reporter: traffic slowed to a crawl with people coming in from maryland and virginia to enjoy the festive weekend. on the sidewalk, crowds slowed to see and buy prints by a local artist. >> they said why don't you do martin luther king and president obama together. so i did it. >> reporter: monday's swearing-in ceremony did not prevent visitors from enjoying the breath taking beauty of the national mall at night. and tonight would be the night to go out and look at the different sights, get a half smoke, because as we heard chuck say, it's going to get colder. it feels good right now. reporting live on the national mall, jackie bensen, news4. >> looks beautiful behind you, jackie. thanks so much. and they've covered the grass on the mall, to protect it. >> protect it from the crowds, not from the cold. >> yeah, from the crowds. how cold is it going to get? >> the colder air is definitely coming. and we're going to catch a little bit, because i think the heart of the cold air doesn't really get in here until we get into
some real housewives. >> real housewives of atlanta? >> please. >> then, ben, jamie, leo, the most surprising oscar snub. as host seth mcfarlane and emma stone roast the nominees. >> his character is as drunk as half of the people up at this hour. >> will there be drinking
family. early in the day the younger brother had led the 49ers to a win in atlanta. because of travel he didn't have the means to watch his older brother john's ravens upset the patriots in new england. during the game he phoned a friend, his father. now jack harbaugh tells the rest of the story. >> about the middle ever the 3rd quarter, jim calls from the airport. he didn't talk about his game or what did you think of that. tell me what's going on with john. tell me what's going on with john. i said, i'm watching it right now. there's a fumble. the ravens have recovered. what happened now? it's a touchdown pass. we're up by two scores. jim is going wow, do you realize what this is setting up? i said, i think i do. >> it's setting up the har because bowl -- harbaugh bowl. tiger woods had himself a day. look at this action. he nearly spins it back for an eagle. his final hole of the day, trying to reach it in two. even through the raindrops, no problem for tiger. he would miss the eagle again but settle for another easy bydy. he's the clubhouse leader through two rounds. >>> trent william
is in the super bowl is the ravens who beat atlanta. and the 49ers. i used to be a 49ers fan when joe montana was there. i have to support the ravens because they are our sister city. atlanta -- >> what about the people from baltimore who don't want any bandwagon hoppers? >> i'm not bandwagon hopper i'm just being practical. i'm a supporter, when they win, lose, i don't care about that. i have a responsibility to bring them together. i predict the rave lens beat the 49ers. >> you heard it here first from marion barry. you think it is going to be a stormy monday for the 49ers. >> can i sing? ♪ stormy monday ♪ tuesday is just as bad ♪ oh they call this stormy monday ♪ ♪ and tuesday is just so bad ♪ then come friday ♪ and things are so so sad >> that's going to be for the 49ers on monday. councilman barry, thanks for tackling a lot of topics with us. >> i have been in the business 31 years and very familiar with the budget. i'm a budget expert. 16 years of mayor. finance expert. and so -- a lot of people think i'm whistling in the dark. >> we heard you loud and clear. >> i guarante
. >> this is one of my bucket list experiences. >> reporter: tiffany grimes thrflew in from atlanta. her first stop was the national mall. >> over 200,000 people sign up nationwide. >> reporter: amelia is attending. she's here from new orleans. like four years ago, president obama has asked people nationwide to join his family and celebrate by serving. this year the president's request is especially timely. it's just the second time inauguration has coincided with the martin luther king jr. holiday weekend. at the rock creek conservancy, volunteers will be cutting back an invasive vine. from one labor of love to the next. organizers in the convention center are setting the stage for tonight's children concert. >> we'll be putting the touches on the infrastructure for that. >> reporter: after the concert, crews will transform the space, setting the scene for the two official inaugural balls, down from ten in 2009. altogether, a handful of artists will perform throughout the weekend. security will be tight. hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to d.c. to take part in history. president obama will
. martha: oh, boy. what a scary story from that poor woman. reporter paul milican from waga in atlanta has more from gordon county, georgia. >> we are in is a nor have -- sonoraville, georgia which got hit hard behind me. tough to imagine what this used to be. this was a towing company and this was the sign for it right here, after for theable towing. the owners are here and as you can imagine they're in shock. this is one of the most incredible things i have ever seen. this used to be carpet. you see it over there, it was completely shredded by the tornado. there are also of course pieces of cars, there are pieces of houses. looked like this right here was a christmas ornament which is sitting on the grass. who knows where that came from. we talked to the owners who are here right now. this is their first time looking at the devastation. they say as you can imagine, they're in shock. martha: thanks to paul from waga in atlanta. bill: what a remarkable to think it is january and we're talking about tornados. martha: so true. bill: new signs of volatility in the american job market. these a
at a middle school in atlanta. that's straight ahead here in "the situation room." >>> the senate has just followed the house of representatives in the past legislation extending the nation's debt ceiling, this time at least until may 19th. but for practical purposes, probably a few months longer than that. the vote in the senate, 64-34. the bill passed the house next week and will sign it into law. there will be an increase in the nation's debt limit, at least for the next few months. they will battle over this later down the road. other news we're following, three stories involving high-profile shootings at a time when the nation is struggling with the issue of guns. lisa sylvester is monitoring that. some of the other top stories in "the situation room." lisa, what's the latest? >> at least one person has been shot at a middle school in atlanta. the victim was conscious and breathing when taken to a local hospital. the suspected gunman is believed to be a student and is in custody. >>> police outside of dallas are investigating the shooting of a prosecutor. district attorney mark haas w
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